Free eBook: iOS SDK Essential Training

In this course, author Simon Allardice shows how to develop, debug, and deploy applications for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using iOS 5 SDK and Xcode 4. Click here now to download iOS SDK! The course reviews Objective-C basics, covers key concepts such as the Model-View-Controller pattern and delegation, and explores new features [...]


Free eBook: Objective-C Essential Training

In this course, Simon Allardice provides a nuts-and-bolts overview of Objective-C, the popular language for developing Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications, and discusses how to build a basic application using Objective-C and Xcode 4. Click here to download Objective-C! The course shows how to download and install the development tools, covers every major feature of [...]


Free eBook: Apple iPhone — Free Quick Reference Card

This Apple iPhone Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular mobile device. Click here to download Apple iPhone Quick Reference! Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands. This printable quick reference is yours to use, distribute, and share at your organisation! Along [...]


Free eBook: Macs, Malware and Security Myths

Are unsuspecting Mac users putting your organization at risk? Last year, Mac malware increased by 66% with a single high-profile attack infecting over 600,000 machines. However, most Mac users are unaware of the risk of infection, leaving organizations vulnerable to infection. Download this on-demand webinar and Security, Threat and Response Expert, Kevin Haley, will take [...]


Free eBook: iBooks Author Essential Training

In this course, author and educator Chris Mattia demonstrates how to use the Apple iBooks Author application to create and publish your own iBook, without extensive design or publishing experience. Click here to download iBooks Author today! Follow along with Chris as he assembles, refines, and publishes a dynamic and engaging iBook for distribution on [...]


Free eBook: iPad Tips and Tricks

In iPad Tips and Tricks, author Christopher Breen provides expert tips for getting the most out of the Apple iPad (first generation) and iPad 2, including gesturing, typing, and adding content, as well as troubleshooting common device issues. Click here to download iPad Tips and Tricks! The course explains how to download and manage apps, [...]


Free eBook: iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling

In iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling, Richard Koci Hernandez celebrates the art of iPhoneography–how to shoot, enhance, and share photos with an Apple iPhone. Click here to download iPhone Photography! The course covers an actual iPhone photo shoot and includes details on how to select and edit photos using a variety of iOS apps [...]