Free eBook: iPad Productivity

Are you sick of wasting money on apps that never seem to deliver what they promise? Are you afraid to even try an app because there are simply too many to choose from? Discover some of the apps and processes that are guaranteed to help you on your own productivity journey. Click here to download [...]


Free eBook: Tablet Buying Guide 2013

So what makes an iPad worth all the hype? What’s Android? Windows 8? From Samsung to Surface, the list of tablet terms goes on and on. There are many manufacturers making tablets of all shapes and sizes running a great variety of software, and how do you know which one is right for you? This [...]


Free eBook: Apple iPad Buying Guide: Which One is Right for You?

LAPTOP reviews which Apple iPad is right for you. Of course you want an iPad. It has become the industry standard, thanks to Apple’s stellar App Store, best-in-class design and intuitive user interface. Now, for the first time, Apple is offering four different models of iPads. For some, making the decision of which one to [...]


Free eBook: The iPad for Field Service? It’s a Game Changer!

This on-demand webinar explains how the iPad is changing the way business is done for field service professionals. Click here to download this new eBook today! This on-demand webinar explains how the iPad is changing the way business is done for field service professionals. In this on-demand webinar, John Ragsdale of the Technology Services Industry [...]


Free eBook: Mobile Apps – Native or Web?

A planning guide for Mobile Marketing and Development Teams. You probably have a plan to build a mobile app, but you’ve struggled with the basic question – Should I build it using open web standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or should I build it as a native app for the devices I want [...]


Free eBook: Secure iPhone Access to Corporate Web Applications

As more mobile devices appear on the corporate network, mobile device management has become a key IT initiative. Click here now to download the new eBook! This technical brief describes how the BIG-IP Edge Portal app for iOS devices provides simple, streamlined access to web applications that reside behind BIG-IP APM, without requiring full VPN [...]


Free eBook: 5 Best Practices for BYOD

This how-to guide from IT Harvest covers 5 Best Practices for BYOD and includes a checklist for developing flexible, yet secure BYOD policy. Click here to go download this new ebook today! iPhones, iPads, Android-powered devices, and Windows phones have grown into powerful computing platforms, and their use allows enterprise employees to connect to work [...]


Free eBook: It’s Time for Enterprises to Secure Mac Computers

Do Mac computers need endpoint security software? This has been a passionate and perpetual debate for a number of years, but ESG believes it is time to eschew emotion and apply a rational assessment to this question. Click here to download this ebook! The Mac population has grown over the past few years as have [...]