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Daily Trick 40. Input Source Selector (10.6)

If you’ve mastered and used not only one language, but many of them, I believe you would want to have selections of input source and the input source switcher. First of all, let me guide you to add more input sources for your Mac OS X 10.6. Open System Preferences and go to Language & [...]

Extending UsingMac Contest

I’m really excited to grab a copy of Snow Leopard and successfully upgraded my MacBook to Mac OS X 10.6. And amazed by many new feature enhancements, I decided to extend the UsingMac Contest so that you can also submit a screenshot of your Mac desktop, extended until end of September 2009.

It’s very simple to participate in the contest: you only need to submit screenshot(s) of your Mac desktop to show the beauty of Mac. Or, if you’re proud of your Mac hardware setup, you can also submit the photo of your Mac.

The image uploader is provided at the bottom of this linked article. Some examples are provided after the jump.

Daily Trick 39. New Exposé Feature (10.6)

It surprises me that Apple has finally solved the hard-to-navigate minimized window issue with the release of Snow Leopard. If you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard, you won’t need to use Open Minimized Window Trick to reveal those minimized windows. With Snow Leopard, you only need to click-and-hold on the Dock icon of that application and [...]

Daily Trick 38. Text Transform (10.6)

When I browsed through new features of Snow Leopard, I stumbled on text transformation feature built-in on TextEdit. Using this feature, you can easily capitalize, make lower case, or turn words into upper case. This new feature can be found on TextEdit Menubar · Edit → Transformations. Putting productivity on the top priority, I create [...]

Daily Trick 37. Snow Leopard Stack Highlight

Reading from the title, you will know that I have successfully installed Snow Leopard on my little Black Macbook. As a kick-start, let me share with you this simple trick to enable stack highlighting. You only need to execute these two lines of Terminal commands to make it happens : defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean [...]

Daily Trick 36. Reject Message

Often, it’s really annoying to have stream of continuously coming unwanted messages. By only trashing the message won’t discourage the senders in spamming our mail. There is one way you can use to discourage them: by rejecting the message. Technically, it’s called Bounce Back. If you’re currently using (default mail reader for Mac), you [...]

Daily Trick 35. File Aliasing

As we all have known, having alias (or well-known as shortcut) can save you a lot of time in navigating through files. For highlighted items, there are 3 ways you can use to create an alias of them: Ctrl-Click on one of them (highlighted items) and choose Make Alias from the contextual menu Drag-n-Drop them [...]

Daily Trick 34. Screen Capture

It’s not just as simple as pressing Cmd-Shift-3 to screen capture your Mac. If you’ve used screen capturing feature for quite a long time, you will figure out some nifty tricks of it. In this daily trick, I am going to share some tricks that I know in capturing screen. I hope that using list [...]

UsingMac Contest. Beauty of the Mac

Upon seeing my Mac setup, I always have this kind of excitement to share it to everyone.

I believe some of you might feel the same. Now, it’s the chance for you to show your
Mac setup to other Mac users as we’ve arranged this contest for everyone to submit their
Mac setups!

Update. You can also submit your desktop setup to show the world how cool is your Mac.

Contest Prize

Before starting with the requirements for this contest, let’s see the prize for winners.

  • 1st Place. Pixelmator + Layers + Concentrate
  • 2nd Place. Layers + Concentrate
  • 3rd Place. Concentrate

Let’s continue to the description of the prizes and how to win.

Daily Trick 33. Maximize Browser Window

Perhaps some Mac users are not used to using Zoom window of Mac; they would prefer to have maximized browser. We have a good news here, you can maximize your browser with a single click on this address → Maximized View. And of course, you can always bookmark the address above so that everytime you [...]