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Daily Trick 46. Fast Exposé Shortcut

Whenever you want to open the Exposé view of an application, usually mac users will advice you on using Hot Corner. However, we have a new trick here for you. Open ‘Application Switcher’ with Cmd-Tab Press Tabs until the app you want to perform Exposé to is selected Hit the arrow key [↓] or [↑] [...]

Fave Mac App 2. Adium

Adium is an application that lets you chat with your friends across many chat networks easily at the same time. With Adium, you can connect to Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk, and many others with just one single chat client. Adding to its value, Adium also provides us with interface to Twitter and Facebook. And if you [...]

Daily Trick 45. Quick Manage Mail

Throughout the whole time of using Mac, often we will spend time on checking and
managing our mail. I personally like the default mail application for Mac:

In this trick, I am going to share with you some keyboard shortcuts that come in handy
when we’re going to manage our mailboxes, quick navigate mailbox, and handle message.

Daily Trick 44. Quick Exponential Math (10.6)

I believe we all know that we can use Spotlight to do quick calculation, where we can do quick addition, substraction, and other simple mathematical operations right from within of the Spotlight window. In Leopard, you can just type in pow(a,b) to find the value of a^b (e.g. 3^4 = 81). However, you can do [...]

Daily Trick 42. Quick Terminal Command

If you’re fans of single-liner for UNIX command, you can always use this quick Terminal command line execution trick to save the steps for executing Terminal command. Here are the steps: Ctrl-Click on Terminal icon sitting on your Dock From the pop-up menu, choose New Command… Type the command line you want to execute on [...]

UsingMac Contest 1. Deadline Reminder

Just to remind you all that the end of this month will be the deadline for UsingMac Contest. If you haven’t participated in the contest, make sure to submit the screenshot of What’s on Your Mac Screen and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Fave Mac App 1. Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications is an application that alerts you when new activities happen on Facebook and also helps you easily update your status. If you are one of Facebook active members, this application suits you best. I personally feel it’s quite troublesome to browse into Facebook only to check for new notifications. Homepage | Download Link [...]

Daily Trick 41. New List View (10.6)

Sorry for the long hiatus of daily trick series due to lack of internet connection. Now, we’re back on the track again. If you put the Dock on the left of the screen, you’re left with two display options, which are Grid View and List View. However, folks at Mac OS X Hints found a [...]