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100+ Beautiful Nature Wallpapers

100+ Nature Wallpapers on

In this article, we’d like to showcase you a list of 100+ Beautiful Nature Wallpapers to decorate your desktop. Previously we have also compiled some beautiful wallpapers; if you like to collect wallpapers, you may want to look at some of these posts:

Let’s proceed to wallpapers collection in this article.

50+ Mac Applications with Great Interface

Having used Mac for quite some time, I discover that I deeply fall in love with smooth and sleek interface offered by most of Mac built-in applications.

And the good news is, there are many third-party applications out there developed with more or less the same design standard as those built-in Mac apps. More than fifty sample screenshots of beautiful Mac applications are ready to amaze you after the jump.

Mac Applications for Tagging Files

Often, we have plenty of important working stuffs stored on our Mac. Without proper management on those files, it will be difficult for us to search and get back to our previous work files.

One way to manage our files is by grouping files. There are some worth mention Mac File Tagging Applications that can help us grouping, categorizing, and managing our precious files using tags.

Custom Exposé Glows for Download

In our previous article: Daily Trick 47. Tweak Exposé Glow, we have brought forward the option to change your Exposé glowing effect. After few minutes playing around with the image sprite, I have come up with these various sprites.

In this article, I’d like to share the sprite with you. You can refer to the previous daily trick for the step by step guide on how to change the effect.

Inspired by Artless Processes – Customize Snow Leopard Exposé Glow.

Screenshots and download link provided after the jump.

Mac Application Updaters

Sometimes, it’s difficult to search and update to the latest Mac applications. This may hinder some people in
using their Macs. In order to reduce the hassle searching for required applications, we can use application updaters, which will do the information gathering for us.

Some application updaters can be seen after the jump.

Daily Trick 47. Tweak Exposé Glow

For Snow Leopard Users

If you have noticed, whenever you press F9 key to activate Exposé, you will see a rather different Exposé from Mac OS X Leopard. And upon mouse over on one of the item, you can see blue glowing effect.

Today, we are going to bring you to tweak on the glow color to your liking.

New Design. The White UsingMac

After several months of black-theme UsingMac, we’ve decided to transform into white-theme design. Perhaps, some of you might feel surprised by this sudden change, but we hope that you feel comfortable with our new design. Why Do We Choose White? Having browsed through most of the websites that contain guide or information, rarely can we [...]

Fave Mac App 3. Path Finder 5

Path Finder is an award-winning file browser and management application for Mac OS X.
This is achieved by adding on more useful features to the familiar user interface of Finder.

There are several features that I like to use while using Path Finder:

  1. Multiple Tabs Browsing
    Sometimes we might need to open multiple Finder window to drag-drop or browse around directories. Using Path Finder, we can combine all these opened windows into just a single window with multiple tabs.
  2. Temporary Stack
    Although the drag-drop technique has become my habit in boosting my productivity in handling files. Path Finder enhances this experience by adding temporary stack where we can have a temporary place for drag-drop process.
  3. Dual Pane File Browsing
    Often, we need to view different folders side by side. And the good news is, Path Finder provides the dual pane browsing ability for us. This feature of Path Finder is just too good to be missed.
  4. Quick Preview
    By default, if we want to show information of certain item on Finder, we will reveal the Get Info pane by hitting keystrokes Cmd-Opt-I.
    However in Path Finder, we can just toggle on Preview Mode and we can have all important information the item has.
  5. Recent Applications
    Path Finder can also help us keeping track of up to 50 recent applications.

Even though it’s quite pricey for an application, I still recommend using Path Finder. Path Finder really helps a lot in enhancing your Mac experience. For your information, there is 30-day trial provided for this application.

Screenshots are provided after the jump.

Homepage |
Download Link: Leopard ↓ -
Snow Leopard ↓ |
License: $39.95

Poll. Your Favorite Mac Desktop

This article is intended to give exposure to other contestants that have submitted their works.
The screenshots of their submissions are listed below. And you can cast vote on any that you like (you can choose more than one) at the end of this article.

Let’s vote for your favorite Mac Desktop and support the one that you like!

Hint. You can use keystrokes Cmd-[↓] to quickly scroll down to end of page.

Tweak Screencapture Behavior

Normally, we will use keystrokes Cmd-Shift-3 or Cmd-Shift-4 to take snapshot with Mac
default screencapture utility. And new in Snow Leopard, we will end up having a PNG
image file automatically stored inside our Desktop folder with the name Screen shot … .

Those behaviors mentioned above are the default ones. We can easily change those with
simple command lines.