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iOS 7: Hit or Miss?

Written by Ronald Lye

Apple recently gave us a preview of what we can expect from the new iOS 7. Based on reactions from connected consumers, it hasn’t been as universally acclaimed and highly anticipated compared to previous versions. Initial reviews have been mixed, with praise and criticism dished out in equal measure. Now, let’s cut to the chase and let you know what we think.

Photo credit: Scott Lesser

Free Mac App: MacX Video Converter Pro

What’s better news than a free mac app download? A second free download of another Mac app. Yes, you heard it correctly.

Digiarty Software is giving away a copy of MacX iPhone DVD Ripper to reward reviewers with their latest release of MacX Video Converter Pro, which you can absolutely download this for free within this limited period of time.

Rumors For The iPhone 5S

These days, it feels like there’s some new and exciting technology coming out just about every week. This year alone, there have been a number of exciting gadgets and technologies announced and released, from the news of the impending next generation Xbox, through the shockingly popular Nest home thermostat hitting the shelves. Meanwhile, established technologies are only becoming bigger, and being implemented more broadly. For example, cloud computing – offered by everyone from massive tech companies to specialized providers such as Citrix ShareFile – is now being used in a huge variety of business settings. But among all these exciting developments, nothing quite tops a major announcement from Apple.

Visage Lab – A Portable Beauty Laboratory for facial photos on iPhone

While browsing through the App Store, you can find plenty of photo editing apps. Though they allow editing photos with multiple tools, filters and effects, not many of them are able to retouch portraits. Welcome an app that lets you easily improve facial photos – Visage Lab.

Visage Lab is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It allows to remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds with all operations made automatically. After installing Visage Lab on your device you will get a portable beauty laboratory, that will help you enhance your portrait photos any place, any time.

Visage Lab has several advantages over the alternatives, such as fully automatic face detection and enhancement and high quality retouch. While other photo editors usually perform only partial face retouching, Visage Lab offers a full-package approach to image enhancement. Another distinctive advantage is that makeup made with Visage Lab gives your portrait a natural look, so that you can never tell a photo has been edited.

The Many Uses of the iPad in Traditional and Online Schools

The future of books

Credits: Johan Larsson

We already know that there are hundreds and hundreds of free applications for Mac OS X that have changed the way computing happens, but sometimes technology is used in unexpected ways. For example, the iPad in teaching environments, things become much more interesting and counterintuitive.

This post by Estelle Shumann shows how the use of iPads is revolutionizing education the world over. She writes for a website about online schools, and maintains much information about people interested in studying computers in a way that can help them innovate and develop new spaces in the world of technology.

Note and Compute

We often have to deal with calculations. But for most of us they do not contain complex mathematical formulas, sines, or cosines: what amount to bill a client, how many panels to buy for remodeling of an apartment, how much money can I put away for a future purchase, how much others owe me taking into account their previous payments – here are most of the questions and issues with which we have to face on a daily basis. And the question of comfort does not lie in how many complex mathematical operations we can do, but in how can we conveniently store, redo and share our calculations.

What if and why not offering my client one more service of mine, and why not try buying less of the building materials this time? We want to see better what options we have. Often, we agree to the first reasonable option without much thinking only because we do not have a kind of tool that would allow us to quickly and easily apply the changes we want to make and get the final result. On the other hand, often we have to go back to the calculations in order to add something to them or modify them, whether that’s credit card payments, an estimate of expenses for the next month, or budget planning.

5 Amazing Children’s Books Apps for the iPad

The iPad is proving to be a big hit with kids. They already love the iPhone but they love the iPad even more because its bigger. A fast becoming popular category is the Children’s books. With the iPad’s gorgeous screen, audio capabilities and that great touch input allowing interactivity, it’s not difficult to see why. Here’s a list of some of the best iPad children’s Books Apps that are available:

Aesop’s Fables Audiobook

A beautiful rendition of 20 classic all-time favorite fables that teach morals. Next, think of spinning the wheel of fortune. Before reading any stories, children have to spin the wheel that makes selection of fable story fun and exciting. Readers are also rewarded with simple spot-the-difference games after reading fables. It also has both pre-recorded and recording audio functions in different languages. With intuitive and fun elements, children will grow to love this reading experience.

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30 Appealing and Excellent Digital Art Wallpapers for iPad

The wait is finally here. The product that created so much hype, likes as well as dislikes from many has finally arrived at the US stores and soon it would be a worldwide phenomenon. However, the controvesial topic of the iPad would barely cease even after it has been launched.

As the iPad falls onto our clutches, it’s inevitable that we can’t wait to customized it to our own style. A change in the wallpaper design iwould be a great start.

Here we have gathered 30 appealing and excellent digital artworks for iPad wall papers. You might be able to find something of your liking if you are a fan of illustration and fractal art and not forgetting, an Apple fan. An excellent wall paper design certainly adds more asesthetic value to the slick and amazing touch technology.

Scare Tactics by Rob Sheridan

A Hearty Collection of Valentine Wallpapers

Perhaps we haven’t notice the reason why but the the heart is often associated with the notion of love. In ancient times, the heart was believed to be the origin of emotions. Giving your heart to someone could mean that you are giving away everything completely to that person. Be it myth or truth, most people see the heart as a symbol of love.

Although the heart shape looks nowhere near the actual heart, the concept of heart and its shape or symbol has been notable for its emblem of feelings and emotions. Many designers have applied this well perceived symbol into their works to illustrate their artistic expressions of romance and love. Different yet impressive styles of expressions are born, portraying a wide range of emotions coming from the similar sincerity.

Cute Hearty Valentine

As the love bud forms, the process is often sweet, adorable and innocent. The following wallpaper designs are bound to bring a smile to the both of you as they remind us how sweet love could be.

First Love

Tweaks for the Dock

Tweaking the interface of my Mac has long become part of activity. It’s a lot of fun in the process of it. However, you should always remember to backup your files before starting the tweak, in case you accidentally make your Mac explode because of it (I’m exaggerating here).

Left all the worries behind and have fun with the tweaks!