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8 Remarkable iOS photo apps

Written by Ronald Lye The iPhone camera has evolved from a run-of-the-mill afterthought to a key product feature of genuine quality. The original iPhone and iPhone 3G had mediocre 2MP cameras, the iPhone 4 came with a better 5MP one, and the iPhone 4S was equipped with a really nice 8MP camera. The latest iPhone [...]


Fotor: Simplifying your Photo Editing

Written by Ronald Lye

Let’s face it: most of us are not great at using complex photo editing apps. Everyone wants to make their photos look great; to add cool effects to them, refine the picture tone, or change various colours within a selection. However, apps like Photoshop are better left in the hands of professionals or serious users, as many of the functions would probably leave an average user confused and frustrated. The recently released Fotor may be the saving grace general users are looking for: an intuitive, fast, easy-to-use, and effective photo editor.


Free eBook: Your Guide to iOS 7

iOS 7 is Apple’s latest update to the operating system that powers mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 7 was initially announced in June 2013 at Apple’s WWDC developer summit. The operating system was released to developers at this time for beta testing purposes, to ensure users can download updates to [...]


Jobs (2013) – Did the film do a great job?

This could be our very first time doing a film review, only because it involves Steve Jobs, the founding father of our favorite Apple. Imagine our excitement when we received news of an upcoming film on Steve Jobs, who is to be played by famous American actor, Ashton Kutcher. When the week where the film [...]


20 Useful Infographics about Apple

We have come into an information age since the rise of computers, digital content and new media. Today, it is not just about presenting information. As user experience becomes increasingly important, making information beautiful and easy to understand also matters. The visual appeal always sells. We always love how boring data and statistics become so [...]

20 Wonderful Wolverine iOS cases design

With the recent release The Wolverine hitting the big screens, we can expect many to be flocking the theaters. We can’t help but start googling everything about Wolverine after watching the action packed flick. As self-confessed fans of Apple and Marvel, we have compiled 20 awesome looking Wolverine themed iOS design cases in this quick [...]

5 iOS apps about The Royal Baby

It’s pretty incredible how creative developers took the hype to their advantage and jump onto the bandwagon to came up with a series of apps to welcome the British’s current third in the line of succession, Prince George of Cambridge. Who says only the news reporter can join in the fun? App developers show us [...]

App Treats: Celebrating App Store’s 5th birthday

Happy 5th birthday to Apple App Store! Be treated with free App downloads over this weekend. Apple is giving away some of the notable and exciting apps on the App Store. You don’t have to fork out a penny for it! Of course, we couldn’t wait and had our hands tapping on our iPhones immediately. [...]

Why the new MacBook Air will rock your world?

The first MacBook Air was released in 2008, designed to balance performance and portability. Fast forward 5 years later, and the latest version of the MacBook Air, released in June 2013, could possibly be the solution to travelling light and efficiently. We certainly think so. At first glance, the new MacBook Air, which comes in [...]

A look at the new Mac Pro

Much has been written about the upcoming Mac Pro, set to be released in the second half of 2013. A quick search on the internet showed that netizens have been engaging in deep, and often heated, discussions about the Mac Pro’s design, specifications, and upgradability. All the talk about complicated technical terms left us feeling [...]