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Free eBook: OS X Mountain Lion: A Beginner’s Guide

So you just got a brand new Mac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion installed, or maybe you’ve just upgraded from OS X Lion. Perhaps you want to download the current Mountain Lion before the new Mavericks OS X comes into store. You have this brand new operating system that looks intimidating, overwhelming and confusing! [...]


Free eBook: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

With this cheatsheet you will receive daily updates in your email for free, courtesy of Make Tech Easier. One of the best things about Mac OS is the number of keyboard shortcuts it supports. Keyboard shortcuts are great because you can perform a function right from the keyboard, which will save you a lot of [...]


Free eBook: Your Guide to What’s New in Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion, Apple’s newest OS, offers changes and updates to the system’s features, making it leaner and meaner than previous releases. Download this free ebook if you haven’t already upgraded your Mac OS to the latest Mountain Lion. Don’t worry, nothing’s too outdated when Apple is always the lead in the tech world. Ever since [...]


Free eBook: The Mac Manual

Maybe you just received an old Mac from your older brother or sister or someone in your family, and you are wondering how to get started. Don’t worry if you think there are no guides available for a past version of Mac. Download The Mac Manual today and be treated with awesome tips and tricks [...]