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Challenges Ahead for Apple

Written by Ronald Lye Appleā€™s co-founder, Steve Jobs, unfortunately passed away in Oct 2011. In the following year of 2012, Apple was still flying high, seemingly unaffected by the absence of their visionary leader. The iPhone 5, despite a flawed map application, was selling fast. Profits were still soaring, with a market capitalisation of $629.4 [...]


Jobs (2013) – Did the film do a great job?

This could be our very first time doing a film review, only because it involves Steve Jobs, the founding father of our favorite Apple. Imagine our excitement when we received news of an upcoming film on Steve Jobs, who is to be played by famous American actor, Ashton Kutcher. When the week where the film [...]


20 Useful Infographics about Apple

We have come into an information age since the rise of computers, digital content and new media. Today, it is not just about presenting information. As user experience becomes increasingly important, making information beautiful and easy to understand also matters. The visual appeal always sells. We always love how boring data and statistics become so [...]