All about the OS X Mavericks

Written by Ronald Lye The OS X Mavericks will be the 10th major release by OS X, the server operating system for Mac. The developer edition is already out, and it will be available in stores later this year. The naming scheme is a change from previous versions, shifting from big cats to places in [...]


4 Best Point-of-Sale iPad Apps

Written by Ronald Lye The iPad has enabled point-of-sale (POS) apps to become mobile. Most of these apps are compatible for the iPhone as well, but we’re of the opinion that looking through a long list of numbers and figures on a relatively tiny screen is not something we’ll enjoy. So we recommend that you [...]


8 Remarkable iOS photo apps

Written by Ronald Lye The iPhone camera has evolved from a run-of-the-mill afterthought to a key product feature of genuine quality. The original iPhone and iPhone 3G had mediocre 2MP cameras, the iPhone 4 came with a better 5MP one, and the iPhone 4S was equipped with a really nice 8MP camera. The latest iPhone [...]


Fotor: Simplifying your Photo Editing

Written by Ronald Lye

Let’s face it: most of us are not great at using complex photo editing apps. Everyone wants to make their photos look great; to add cool effects to them, refine the picture tone, or change various colours within a selection. However, apps like Photoshop are better left in the hands of professionals or serious users, as many of the functions would probably leave an average user confused and frustrated. The recently released Fotor may be the saving grace general users are looking for: an intuitive, fast, easy-to-use, and effective photo editor.

iOS 7: Hit or Miss?

Written by Ronald Lye

Apple recently gave us a preview of what we can expect from the new iOS 7. Based on reactions from connected consumers, it hasn’t been as universally acclaimed and highly anticipated compared to previous versions. Initial reviews have been mixed, with praise and criticism dished out in equal measure. Now, let’s cut to the chase and let you know what we think.

Photo credit: Scott Lesser


Free eBook: iPad Productivity

Are you sick of wasting money on apps that never seem to deliver what they promise? Are you afraid to even try an app because there are simply too many to choose from? Discover some of the apps and processes that are guaranteed to help you on your own productivity journey. Click here to download [...]


Free eBook: Tablet Buying Guide 2013

So what makes an iPad worth all the hype? What’s Android? Windows 8? From Samsung to Surface, the list of tablet terms goes on and on. There are many manufacturers making tablets of all shapes and sizes running a great variety of software, and how do you know which one is right for you? This [...]


Free eBook: Apple iPad Buying Guide: Which One is Right for You?

LAPTOP reviews which Apple iPad is right for you. Of course you want an iPad. It has become the industry standard, thanks to Apple’s stellar App Store, best-in-class design and intuitive user interface. Now, for the first time, Apple is offering four different models of iPads. For some, making the decision of which one to [...]


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This on-demand webinar explains how the iPad is changing the way business is done for field service professionals. Click here to download this new eBook today! This on-demand webinar explains how the iPad is changing the way business is done for field service professionals. In this on-demand webinar, John Ragsdale of the Technology Services Industry [...]