Finding the Best iPad Stands for Your Mobile Billing Stations

There is nothing more irritating than having to hold your smartphone continuously for an hour or so while you read or watch a movie. Yes, smartphones are multifunctional and they can be used in a personal setting and in almost every commercial setting possible. In fact, in the last two years, Apple has managed to [...]


Top Reasons Why Video Conferencing On Mac Should Be The Future Of Your Company

The need to meet with colleagues and clients is ever increasing, and the methods of holding such meetings are evolving. Face to face, meetings are the best, since people can freely express themselves and develop a better relationship. However, with distance between the parties, covering the distance will cost them time and eventually money. Video [...]

iPad stand

Top Tips for Choosing an iPad Stand for Your POS System

You have decided to switch over to an iPad based POS system, which is a very wise decision. “Tablet-based POS systems are faster, simpler to use and affordable,” states Point of Sale. However, they are not without their problems. The tablet can withstand ordinary wear and tear, but dropping it can result in serious long-term [...]

iPad Vintage Wallpapers

10 Beautiful Vintage iPad Wallpapers

Written by: Joan G. Lares What Vintage really is Vintage is a term that’s typically used to describe things that are between 20 and 100 years old, and is a word that is often applied to clothes, furniture, and more. Originally used to describe the year of an aged wine, vintage is now often referred [...]

Video Conferencing

Why Use a Secure Video Conferencing Program

When it comes to the question of security for video conferencing, one often comes across two extreme and opposing attitudes among managers. A lot of them truly undervalue the importance of secure video conferencing and believe that their business is too mundane and far beyond the scope of anyone outside their organization’s interest. This type [...]


5 Essential Games for Your Mac

Written by Ronald Lye In recent years, thanks to the growing popularity of the Mac, the launch of the Mac App Store, and Steam’s availability on Mac, users have been inundated with brand new gaming options. Previously, most of the popular games were only released on Windows, and Mac users had to install virtual Windows [...]


Apple’s User Experience Strategy

Written by Ronald Lye Among technology-based companies, Apple is the undisputed leader when it comes to creating products and services with strong visual and emotional appeals. These qualities ensure that users enjoy memorable product experiences, which is the first and most important step in cultivating brand loyalty. They key to understanding customer experience is not [...]

Kickstarter- Trygger Camera Clip

10 Awesome Kickstarter Projects for Apple Products

Written by Ronald Lye Kickstarter is a company that utilises crowd funding to provide tools to raise funds for creative projects. It allows members to pledge a certain amount of money towards an idea in exchange for a reward or unique experience provided by the project creator. Types of endeavours funded by Kickstarter include music, [...]


Airy: Download YouTube Videos onto your Mac

Written by Ronald Lye Since launching in 2005, YouTube has ascended and claimed its place as the number one video sharing website available. YouTube enjoys 800 million visitors, and more than 4 billion hours of video content per month. None of its competitors, such as Vimeo, Hulu, and Dailymotion, come close to matching YouTube’s popularity [...]


How the iPad can add value to businesses?

Written by Ronald Lye When the iPad was launched in 2010, it received its fair share of criticism. Naysayers predicted that the iPad would sell only a few million units a year, and that it would never hit the success levels enjoyed by the iPhone and iPod. Three years later, those critics have been made [...]