UsingMac is a place where Mac or iOS enthusiasts would certainly love to be in. Our repertoire includes tips, reviews, news and giveaways for our loyal readers! Topics discussed here at UsingMac revolve from Mac OS X to iOS to Mac Apps to iOS Apps to Mac and iOS devices. Not forgetting that we strapped ourselves in front of live streaming to catch the must-watched Apple Events so that we can bring out the noteworthy updates to our readers.

UsingMac was very active towards end of 2008 and our subscribers grew to a whooping number of 6,343 within nine months. Unfortunately, due to an internal lack of resources, we went into a hiatus for a couple of years. To our amazement, there was still significant traffic and we were still receiving emails from time to time. We certainly have thank many of our readers for their continued interest and support in UsingMac.

In June 2013, we have regrouped and resumed our writing and publishing activities on UsingMac. We are happy to announce that the UsingMac team is now recharged and rebranded in a mission to provide current, useful and thought provoking articles for anyone who loves Mac/iOS, anyone who is thinking of switching to Mac, anyone who would like to hear what we have to say about new updates on Mac/ iOS, or simply anyone who is here because you believe innovation, like how we do.

Feel free to share your feed back on how better we can serve you or tell what we did that makes your day! You may leave a comment below, or if you prefer to get a little closer to us (which we certainly love too!), send your emails to kelly[at]usingmac[dot]com.


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